The environment and sustainability in general is very important to us. We try to do our part by omitting any type of plastic from our packaging as well as from any accessories - unless it is absolutely necessary for, for example hygiene reasons.

To show that we are serious about sustainability, we have partnered with Ecomatcher.

What is Ecomatcher and what do they do?

EcoMatcher partners with vetted foundations from around the world specialized in planting trees. Organizations that plant the right trees at the right time in the right place. Through technology, EcoMatcher knows everything about every tree, such as location, date of planting, species, etc. EcoMatcher offers a comprehensive digital platform enabling companies to integrate tree-planting into their businesses. A win-win for all, including Mother Nature.

We use the Ecomatcher platform to plant trees on behalf of our customers and every tree can be virtually visited.

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