F&B solutions

Winebox.hk can help your Bar or Restaurant with a one-stop, full service wine solution.

Our services include:

  • Create a wine list tailored to your food menu with wine tasting- and food pairing notes
  • Inventory management and storage solutions to free up kitchen space and preserve wine quality
  • Staff training for wine knowledge, food pairing suggestions and upselling wines
  • Provide tools, tips and tricks to keep wines fresh for longer and reduce spoilage

Contact us via hello@winebox.hk to find our more about how we can help your F&B establishment.

Wine Investments

Fine wine is a great investment with stable returns and a good inflation protection. it is very important however to buy the right Regions, Chateau’s, vintages and understand the longevity of the wine to make sure you sell it (or drink it!) in time..

The founders of Winebox have extensive experience with investing in fine wines. Our network of suppliers, fine wine brokers and, most importantly, extensive knowledge and experience can help you build up a great wine collection.

There are different type of solutions available for different investment amounts. Please email us via hello@winebox.hk if you would like to find out more about how to invest in wine!


Are you looking for this special wine selection or do you want to host a wine tasting at your big celebration? Look no further!

Winebox.hk has a large range of wines in stock with tasting notes and food pairing ideas. We can help you put together a customized list for your own blind tasting event, or we can join the event and host a personalized experience for your guests.

Reach out to us via hello@winebox.hk if you want to know more!

Wholesale services

Interested to purchase large quantities of wine? We can help!

Due to our extensive network and wide range of variety, we can help you search for a particular styles of wine and get great deals. We can also advise on the type of wines and price points subject to your need.

Reach out to us and send an email to hello@winebox.hk if you want to know more!