Private Tastings & Events

Wine tasting events are a great way to make any celebration more fun and learn about the world of wine, while enjoying some great wines along the way!

Our wine tasting events include a presentation on viticulture, winemaking and an introduction how to taste wines like a professional. We can host the tasting event at your home, or let us arrange a great venue from our list of partner venues, including private lounges, restaurants and bars.

We offer a range of packages, that can be further customized to your needs and split the 'hosting fees' from the wine cost for transparency.

Our tasting packages:

  • GOLD PACKAGE Wine fee (per 4 bottles): HKD 1000
  • PLATINUM PACKAGE Wine fee (per 4 bottles): HKD 1800
  • BURGUNDY PACKAGE Wine fee (per 4 bottles): HKD 2300
  • Host fee : HKD 2500 for 2 hours
  • Service staff: HKD 800 for 2 hours

    Optional services:

  • Rental of ISO certified tasting glasses (HKD 500 for 24 glasses)
  • Cold cut platters (HKD 125 per person)
  • Arrange access to an external venue of one of our partners, such as a private lounge, bar restaurant or co-working space (fees subject to venue of choice).

    Important notes:

  • The recommended amount is based on 4 bottles per 6 persons.
  • Our wines need to be purchased in sets of 4
  • Our events are designed for 1.5 hour with half an hour designed for Q&A and mingling
  • The price difference between Gold/Platinum/Burgundy is the underlying cost- and quality of the wine, but they are all excellent!

    If you have any questions or want to make any specific requests, please reach out to us through the below contact form.
  • F&B solutions
    'The Outsourced Sommelier' can help your Bar or Restaurant with a one-stop, full service wine solution.

    Our services include:

    • Create a wine list tailored to your food menu with wine tasting- and food pairing notes
    • Inventory management to free up kitchen space and preserve wine quality
    • Staff training for wine knowledge, food pairing suggestions and upselling wines
    • Provide tools, tips and tricks to keep wines fresh for longer and reduce spoilage

    Contact us via to find our more about how we can help your F&B establishment.

    Wine Investment

    Fine wine is a great investment with stable returns and inflation protection characteristics. it is very important however to buy the right Regions, Chateau’s, vintages and understand the longevity of the wine to make sure you sell it (or drink it!) in time.

    The founders of Winebox have extensive experience with investing in fine wines. Our network of suppliers, fine wine brokers, storage solution providers and, most importantly, extensive knowledge and experience can help you build up- and manage a great wine collection.

    There are different type of solutions available for different investment amounts. Please email us via if you would like to find out more about how to invest in wine!

    Wholesale services

    Interested to purchase large quantities of wine? We can help!

    Due to our extensive network and wide range of variety, we can help you search for a particular styles of wine and get great deals. We can also advise on the type of wines and price points subject to your need.

    Reach out to us and send an email to if you want to know more!