How about we start this section about you?

It isn’t always only about us, we actually created this website more for you than for us! You see, we noticed that many people struggle with finding good quality wines. Either you don’t have the time, you simply lack most of the knowledge or you just don’t care about all the details, but you still want to make a good entry at your dinner party and show up with a bottle to impress (or just keep the good stuff to yourself)!

We can help with that and thoroughly enjoy doing so! was created for exactly this reason; by wine lovers for wine lovers!

So who are we exactly?

We are 2 Dutch entrepreneurs with ties in many wine countries, working with a small team of people that are crazy about wine and enjoy the game of finding the highest quality wines, and we love to share those findings with you – Every month. We have an educational background in wine and experience in the F&B sector.

Because we have been doing this for a while, and both have been almost a decade in HK, we are quite confident that you will enjoy our carefully curated wine selection and rest assured, that selection is large enough to help you enjoy some high quality wines for a substantial amount of time!

We know there is plenty of wine available in HK, but we always aim for top quality and taste all wines before we decide to put it in our monthly wine box. This is always the goal; to present you with the very best wine one has to offer.

Meet the team


Jelmer has been living in Hong Kong for 8 years working in financial services. He has a wine education background, completed the French Wine Scholar and WSET Level 1,2 and 3 and is currently pursuing the Level 4 Wine Diploma. He wants to share his passion and knowledge about wine to put together some amazing wine selections from around the world and help you navigate the world of wine!



Joost is an experienced entrepreneur importing food and beverages into Hong Kong from Europe with an extensive network of suppliers. Joost is passionate about wines and aims to use his network to source the best quality wines directly from the source and get the best value wines in our Winebox for your enjoyment!


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